Yacht Controller

Friday, June 28, 2013

You glance at an approaching motor yacht as she heads toward a pier, her pilothouse, wing and cockpit stations empty. A single crewmember is on the bow. You scratch your head as the yacht makes a perfect, uneventful docking. A closer look a the lone occupant reveals that he is using a wireless remote control about the size of a cell phone.

The wireless remote is the Yacht Controller, a unit that links, by a series of color-code wires, to any engine with electronic controls. The transmitter, powered by two AAA batteries, has tumbler switches that engage up to two engines; this enables forward and reverse movement. Controls for your bow thruster, stern thruster and anchor windlass also are available.

If a malfunction occurs, the Yacht Controller emits a signal, and the controls automatically return to “safe” mode. Helm-station controls will override the remote. To prevent malfunction, the system is coded to eliminate interference from similarly equipped yachts.

According to the makers of Yacht Controller, the system will provide savings to yachtsmen, as it is designed to eliminate multiple, expensive steering stations used only during docking. It should also aid those who find themselves single-handed or stuck in emergency situations.