Remote Control Maneuvering - Yacht Controller

Friday, June 28, 2013

You've got the wide screen television, the VCR, and the DVD on board. You can tell because the remotes are all there with the cell phone, laptop, and GPS. But what's missing here.

Well, of course. It's the remote control for the yacht.

In case you've been seeking that missing link, contact the people at Yacht Controller, Inc. Immediately.

Actually, the Yacht Controller can be a vital link with a boat's forward and reverse engine controls (and forward and aft thruster if installed) to give you complete control of a boat's movements in any direction. Mounted on a wrist or lanyard, this allows you to stand anywhere on the boat to control movements in tight situations often found in ports or marinas. The controller allows you to keep your hands free to help with ropes.

The Yacht Controller also allows you to remotely control the movements of the anchor speed and direction (up or down) to correctly position your boat for mooring.

Being in position to see other vessels, docks, and people, can prevent damage and, potentially, even injury.