Every Couch Potato's Dream: A Remote for Your Boat

Friday, June 28, 2013
Arguably the greatest invention since the dawn of civilization is the hand-held television remote control. Just sit back in a comfortable chair, and you can scan 120 of your favorite channels until you find the one that's playing "Monster's Garage."

If you've ever wished you could operate your boat with the same kind of convenient hand-held control, your dream just came true.

The new wireless Yacht Controller gives owners of boats with electronic engine controls at the helm the ability to control forward, reverse and (if the boat has bow and/or stern thrusters) sideways movement at the push of a button. An optional anchor windlass control is also available.

The Yacht Controller is particularly convenient for use during tight docking maneuvers, anchoring and mooring, since it allows you to operate the boat from any location aboard. You can even wear the remote on a wrist strap or around your neck, if you need to keep your hands free for line handling.

Prices vary, depending on whether you want only engine controls or want to add thruster and anchor windlass operation to the remote.