• Can I use the Yacht Controller to operate my boat while standing on the dock?

    It is not recommended to use the transmitter from the dock. In this regard, we remind you that the abandonment of the boat is a crime punishable by law.

  • Can one of the Yacht Controller products be installed on my boat?

    If the boat is equipped with electronic controls, it can be equipped with one of the Yacht Controller products. It is just necessary to communicate the type of electronic control head installed and the type of joystick of the thrusters if present.

  • n the wireless signal be interfered by other devices?

    The products transmit simultaneously on two bands, therefore, if the communication between the transmitter and the receiver is disturbed by radio-frequency transmission devices operating in the immediate vicinity that transmit with a signal power higher than the one allowed and prohibited by law , they continue to transmit on the other band. In the event of interference on both bands, the receiver activates the buzzer for short periods, thus signaling the momentary interruption of communication with the transmitter.

    This should not worry because, due to the security of the communication protocol, it is not possible for the system to accept incorrect commands.

  • Can the wireless transmitter be immersed?

    It is not meant to be submerged, but if it is momentarily dropped into water and immediately recovered, it is normally not damaged. In the unfortunate event that the transmitter has fallen into salt water, it is necessary to switch off the receiver. Once the transmitter has been recovered, the lower cover must be removed and the batteries removed. If salt water has penetrated inside the device, it will be necessary to immerse it in distilled water (or in the absence of it, in fresh water) for a short time in order to remove all salt residues and dry it using a hair-drier. It will then be necessary to perform a functionality test.

  • Does the installation require modifications on my boat?

    No. The receiver is installed under the electronic control head and there will be only one on / off button on the dashboard and the Joystick if it is JCS +.

  • How can I know if the batteries in my transmitter have to be replaced?

    When the low battery indicator LED flashes, the transmitter batteries must be replaced within two / three hours of operation. It is a good idea to always keep three 1.5 V AAA (LR06) high quality alkaline batteries in the boat.

  • How do I know if the Yacht Controller transmitter is working (communicating with the receiver)?

    If the transmitter loses communication with the receiver, an audible alarm sounds.

  • How do the Yacht Controller wireless products work?

    The Yacht Controller wireless products send a coded digital signal. The system is equipped with microprocessors programmed directly in the laboratory, so it is impossible to interfere with the radio controls of the gangways or of the windlasses available on the market, which instead use standard electronic components. Each transmitter has in fact a unique code programmed in the factory and different from the others, chosen from over 65,000 combinations.

    The radiocontrol range is limited to a few tens of meters, while the specific transmission protocol makes any interference between identical or different systems operating in the same area, impossible.

  • How long does it take to install one of the Yacht Controller products on my boat?

    A normal installation is performed in a couple of hours and includes system testing and on-board training and operating instructions.

  • How long is the warranty of a Yacht Controller?

    Each "Dual Band Yacht Controller" system is guaranteed for a period of 24 months starting from the date of sale to the first user. The warranty on the equipment is provided for all possible manufacturing, material and faults not attributable to the customer. Regarding the installation and any maintenance operations, these are responsibilities of the owner and of the installer. The warranty excludes all failures attributable to the customer or due to force majeure, natural events and all defects caused by improper use of the equipment.

  • How much does a Yacht Controller system cost?

    The cost depends on several factors, including the type of control head (digital or analog), the number of functions you want to control in addition to the control of the engines and whether you want a wireless or fixed system or both.

  • If I buy another boat can I bring my Yacht Controller System with me?

    Yes. Yacht Controller is easy to uninstall and reinstall on another boat. In case of different electronic control heads it will be necessary to purchase the new engine module to be inserted in the receiver.

  • Is it easy to use the Yacht Controller wireless products?

    Anyone who can use a mobile phone can use a Yacht Controller and control their boat in a more precise, easy and safe way from anywhere on board the boat.

  • Is the transmitter waterproof?

    The transmitter housing is in ABS with IP65 protection rating and is floating.

  • What do the Yacht Controller products do?

    The Wireless Yacht Controller products, consisting of a receiver and a transmitter, allow you to remotely control the engines reverse and forward, the stern thruster, the bow thruster, the anchor or the double anchor, manage the acceleration , maneuver in automatic or manual mode and perform other operations on board by wireless transmission (eg closing doors, etc.) so as to be able to move freely anywhere on the boat. In addition, among the products distributed by the Yacht Controller, there is a fixed joystick for maneuvering, JCS +, consisting of a joystick and a receiver that allows, with the simple movement of the hand, the simultaneous operation of the engines and bow or stern thrusters, allowing you to moor and maneuver the boat in any direction.

  • What happens if a boat near me uses a wireless Yacht Controller like the mine?

    Each transmitter has a unique code programmed at the factory and different from the others, chosen from over 65,000 combinations, therefore it is impossible to interfere with similar or same products. Even in the presence of several "Yacht Controller", operating simultaneously on adjacent boats, incorrect activation is not possible as the transmitters continuously change the frequency of communication with the receiver.

  • What happens if I do not turn off my wireless Yacht Controller when I do not use it?

    The transmitter switches off automatically if it is not used for about 3 minutes and the receiver will start an acoustic alarm. To switch off the transmitter, keep the button pressed until all the LEDs turn on (safety time greater than three seconds child-proof). It is also possible to immediately deactivate the transmitter by simultaneously pressing the on / off button and the engage button. Releasing the on / off button, the transmitter switches off completely. The confirmation of the deactivation is given by the turning off of the LEDs and the activation of the receiver acoustic alarm, caused by the lack of communication. To deactivate the receiver, press the on / off switch installed on the boat by the installer.

  • What happens if my boat does not have electronic controls?

    It is not possible to install it on the mechanical control heads. Our advice is to install compatible electronic control heads or to request to us, the installation of compatible electronic control heads.

  • What happens if my Yacht Controller does not work?

    In the event of a malfunction, Yacht Controller, by connecting in parallel with the existing controls, leaves them fully operational in order to allow, in case of necessity, a prompt resumption of the manual control. Furthermore, in the absence of dialogue with the transmitter, the receiver automatically deactivates the outputs and simultaneously activates the acoustic alarm.

  • What is the range of wireless products?

    The radiocontrol range is limited to a few tens of meters. However, experience shows that the range is normally much wider. For big or non-fiberglass boats, the installation of the external antenna option is recommended.

  • What is the size of the transmitter?

    About the size of a cell phone.

  • What is the use of having a Yacht Controller product on board?

    The Yacht Controller products allow you to move your boat in the most varied situations in a simple and safe way. During mooring they are essential in approaching and moving away from the quay, in anchoring and hooking to the buoys, in the descent and in the anchorage of the anchor, during the phases of docking at the dock of the fuel station, usually crowded with many boats or with access in small spaces, in the presence of shallow waters, underwater cliffs or other, being able to command the boat from the bow will be of great help to avoid unpleasant breakage of propellers and axles; in the English docking phase, that is parallel to the dock, or when approaching another boat, the ability to move on the side stern or bow and each time you move from the helm station could allow you to better evaluate the situation.


In the 2004 Yacht Controller won the NMMA Innovation Award for the "Best Technological Innovation" at the Miami Boat Show.

Premio MIT Salone Nautico Miami 2004 Award
European Powerboat of the Year 2014 Award
ADI Certification
DAME Design Award 2014 Nominated

Other Awards:

Dusseldorf Boat Show - 2014
Genoa Boat Show - 2014
Mets Amsterdam - 2014